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GoldMine Add-On Products

Add-On Products Designed Specifically for use with GoldMine

  • GoldBook ( $295.00 ) - this application was initionally designed by me for my personal use, and has been requested by many of my clients to fulfill the need to link GoldMine Premium to QuickBooks.

    Are you tired of double entering Customer/Vendor information into GoldMine, and then again into QuickBooks?
    Are you tired of having to modify records in GoldMine, and then again into QuickBooks?
    Do you want to see your Customer/Vendor Accounts Receivable Aging, Estimates and Purchase Orders in your GoldMine?

    If you checked any of the above questions then GoldBook is the answer for you.

  • Contract Updater ( $50.00 ) - this application was developed for my personal use, and has been requested by many of my clients.  This application is perfect for service based organizations that use GoldMine to track the time remaining/purchased on their clients service contracts employing GoldMine History activities.

  • ClipDate ( Freeware ) - this application was developed at the request of a client.  They want the same note tagging syntax as appeared under the Notes tab to be available in their completed activities Notes area.  ClipDate, if launched via the GoldMine taskbar will send syntax similar to, *** DJ (DJ Hunt) *** September 7, 2004 at 3:53pm, to the clipboard from which point you can Paste, Ctrl-V, into the historical note or anywhere one can Paste into GoldMine, or any other application for that matter, from the clipboard.

  • GoldMine Systray ( aka GMTray ) ( Freeware ) - GoldMine 6.7, and GoldMine 7.0 users can take advantage of this application.  It runs, and is configured from the SysTray.  You can configure GMTray to start GoldMine at a specified time, and to shut GoldMine down at a specified time or not.  However, what I love is its ability to select a mask for any of your Key fields or User Defined fields.  Example:  Set GMTray to watch the Key5 field for a change, and upon changing, if it is a numeric value change the value to Currency.  Two fields, even I can do it.  You enter the Watch field, and you pick one of the masks to be used for that input.

  • IntelliClick for GoldMine-The First E-Mail Marketing And Web Navigation Tracking Tool Designed For Goldmine Users.

    In this age of instant Internet access to product and service information, our customers are armed with substantial competitive data, even before a sales rep learns their name! How can your company stay on top of the sales and marketing process and be competitive in this era?

    One way is to track customer digital body language...

  • Other Contacts ( Freeware ) - this utility was in play before GoldMine 6.5, and still functions admirably today.  The Other Contacts application is used to power add Additional Contacts to an existing GoldMine record, and has much more functionality than the GoldMine tool itself.  For example, this application honors, and employs the zip code information just as the primary record does.

  • Stonefield Query for GoldMine- is a user-friendly data mining, query, and report writing tool designed specifically for GoldMine. You no longer need to call an IT specialist every time you need a report. Now your sales people, administrative staff, and management can create their own reports in minutes after only an hour of free training. Stonefield Query for GoldMine can handle virtually all of your reporting needs.

  • wMobile- is probably the hotest new add-on for GoldMine Premium. wMobile will allow any browser based application to access your GoldMine Premium database in house from anywhere that you have browser access. I use my Samsung i760 Mobile 6 based cell phone, but you can utilize anything that has a browser. How cool is that?

  • xR7 - GoldMine Expense Reporter ( $99.00 ) - xR7 was designed specifically to work in conjunction with GoldMine 5, GoldMine 6, GoldMine 7, and GoldMine PremiumxR7 creates ContHist records with specific unique activity codes so that they can be easily found via SQL Query, GoldMine Reports, or Merge Documents.  xR7 contains its own unique reporting capability in addition to those previously mentioned..


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