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Application Compatibility
  GoldMine 6.7 SE/CE
  GoldMine 7.0 SE/CE


GoldMine SysTray ( aka GMTray )

Originally developed by John Stillman to demonstrate new API features to Developers, GMTray is now Freeware

Users can take advantage of this applications capabilities for free.  It runs, and is configured from your Windows SysTray.  What does it do you ask?  You can configure it to start GoldMine at a specified time, and to shut GoldMine down at a specified time or not.  However, what I love mostly about GMTray is its ability to select a mask for any of your Key fields or User Defined fields while it performs many of the capabilities of your Lookup.ini.

Example:  Set GMTray to watch the Key5 field for a change, and upon changing, if it is a numeric value change the value to Currency.

How easy is it to Configure?

GoldMine SysTray

One simple to use screen for the GoldMine Start/Stop Setup.

GoldMine SysTray

The second screen has but two fields, even I can do it.  You enter the Watch field ( GM Fields ) by selecting it from the drop list, and you pick one of the masks from the drop list in the Format field.  Some of your choices are Phone, Time, Social Security, and Currency.  Obviously, these are only applicable to character based fields.

Installing GMTray:

There is no installation.  Drop the entire GMTray unzipped folder on the C drive of your Workstations anywhere.  Drag a shortcut from C:\GMTray\GMTray\obj\Release\GMTray.exe to the Startup folder on that system.  Can it get any easier?

Got a little programmer in you?

The developer of this application has supplied all of the C# files in the folders as well.  You can modify them to your hearts content, and recompile it.  If you come up with one that has a mask for the various date formats, pass it back to me for others to use.

Download GMTray



GMTray is provided to end users free of any charges, hence, the term Freeware.  Although the application has been tested, and it appears to function properly with certain versions of GoldMine, it is the end users responsibility to backup their GoldMine before using GMTray against it.

Additionally, I provide no support with this product.  Either it works for you, or it doesn't.

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