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Application Compatibility
  GoldMine 4.0 SE
  GoldMine 5.0 SE
  GoldMine 5.5 SE/CE
  GoldMine 5.7 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.0 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.5 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.6 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.7 SE/CE
  GoldMine 7.0 SE/CE

  GoldMine Premium 


Originally developed for a client ClipDate is now Freeware

When executed, ClipDate will push a GoldMine time stamp string to the clipboard from which the user may paste it anywhere into their GoldMine.  ClipDate is most commonly used to paste a timestamp string into Notes of Completed activities. The Time Stamp will be similar to this:

*** DJ *** Friday, December 15, 2006 at 11:16am

I do, highly recommend, that the user employ their Taskbar by adding the ClipDate.exe to it.

Installing ClipDate on a network:

Install ClipDate on the GoldMine server.  Then, again, on each users workstation, install the ClipDate program into any dummy directory.  After the installation is complete, you could delete this directory.  The purpose of the workstation install is to install the necessary runtime files into the users system directory. 

GoldMine ClipDate Download Clipdate



ClipDate is provided to end users free of any charges, hence, the term Freeware.  Although the application has been tested, and appears to function properly within all versions of GoldMine, it is the end users responsibility to backup their GoldMine before testing ClipDate against it.

Additionally, I provide no support with this product.  Either it works for you, or it does not.

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