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Application Compatibility
  GoldMine 5.0 SE
  GoldMine 5.5 SE/CE
  GoldMine 5.7 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.0 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.5 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.6 SE/CE
  GoldMine 6.7 SE/CE
  GoldMine 7.0 SE/CE

xR7 Expense Reporter

Originally developed, and tested for our own in house use

GoldMine xR7                                                                  GoldMine xR7

GoldMine xR7

xR7 creates ContHist records with specific unique activity codes so that they can be easily found via an SQL Query, GoldMine Reports, or Merge Documents.

- The Power

As a manager or simply as an xR7 user, you can review, approve and/or reject employee expenses.  xR7 has standard built in reports that allow the manager/employee to see/print instantaneously what was submitted for any given period.  What was approved for any given period, and yes, what may have been rejected for payment for any given period.

- The Flexibility

Mileage rates can be adjusted freely by GoldMine users possessing Master Rights.  Categories such as Mileage, Food, Tolls & Parking, Lodging, Airfare, and more are used by xR7 to create individual ContHist records in GoldMine, each with their own notes if applicable.  There is even more granularity.  When entering the expense the individual has the option to determine if that particular expense is billable to the client or an out of pocket expense for them.  Either of which can be culled out of the ContHist table with the xR7 built in reports, or GoldMines own SQL Query tool.

- The Ease

Activate the appropriate Contact record in GoldMine, launch xR7 from the GoldMine TaskBar, and that's it.  The user can enter all of their expenses against that client in one simple process.  Let xR7 create the multiple ContHist records for your users in a consistent manner.  Best of all, with this consistency comes reportability.   Again, xR7 includes many fixed reports, but, because xR7 is creating GoldMine History, one can easily use GoldMine Reports and/or a GoldMine SQL Query to instantaneously review expenses.

xR7 - Priced Nicely

single license:           $99.00
xR7 additional licenses:    $25.00/license


You are required to purchase as many xR7 licenses as you have GoldMine licenses on your server installation of GoldMine. Click on the PayPal Primary License icon first, and then return to this page immediately to click upon the PayPal Additional Licenses icon. You will be required to increase the quantity of Addition Licenses so that the sum of the Primary & Additional Licenses equals the number of GoldMine Licenses that you posses.

Base License 1 Seat
Additional Licenses

I DO NOT want to use PayPal?  Call: (978)342-3333
We now accept Visa, Discover & Master Card over the telephone.

Setup Procedures:

Run xR701_Setup.exe, and install on all workstations and remotes.

Add a Shortcut to the
GoldMine TaskBar:

Right-click on a Group in your TaskBar, and select Add New Item...

GoldMine xR7 Taskbar Dialog

Select an Item Type: of External Application
    Caption: xR7
( Browse to xR7.exe )
        Click on the OK button

Create ODBC for SQL GoldMine:

If you are running GoldMine Corporate Edition against a SQL backend, you will need to create an ODBC connection to your database.  You will need to include this connection information in your Configuration for xR7.

   Control Panel
      Administrative Tools >
         Data Sources ( ODBC )


I usually select the System DSN tab, and add my data source there.

Once created, you will need to Configure xR7 to use this DSN.  In xR7 simply click on the button with the C ( Configuration ).

GoldMine xR7 Declarations Dialog

Just enter the DSN that you just created in your ODBC Data Source Administrator, enter a valid SQL User Login, with their SQL Password, and click to Test SQL Connection.  If you make a good connection then you can click on the OK button, you're done. You may need to add the GoldMine UserID Password if the UserID for which are are configuring possess one before you click upon the OK button.

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