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GoldMine Technical Support & Training

GoldMine Professional Technical Support for as little as $90.91/Hour *

DJ will assist you with your GoldMine® issues.  Over the years, DJ has won many awards for "Most Active Online Contribution".  He has helped many users in the GoldMine news groups/forums directly, and via e-mail.  Additionally, he has written many well received books on GoldMine with the latest being GoldMine Premium - The Definitive Guide.  Now he is making himself, and his services directly available to you. Once you have a GoldMine Support Contract with Computerese there are multiple ways in which you can contact me to service your needs.

For non emergency support, my schedule is listed online: Calendar

Once you see a time slot for DJ that aligns with your schedule, click on the Schedule a Meeting hotlink in the upper right hand corner of the calendar page.  Fill in the form completely ( including Notes ), using the E-mail Address under which your GoldMine Support Contract is registered, and Submit your request.  My calendar is published every 30 minutes directly from my GoldMine calendars.  If your request is the first request received for the given time slot with a given user, then you will receive the scheduled appointment, otherwise, you may receive a Session Request Declined e-mail, or you may be assigned another slot. In the last case, you may Accept or Reject the offered slot.

You can always see if i'm available.  If you have installed the Windows Live Messenger® application, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, ICQ Instant Messenger or Skype, you can make use of my services in assisting you with your GoldMine issues.  While under contract with Computerese, and employing instant messenger, you will be able to chat with me about your issues. Always ping me even if I appear to be offline. If I am not available, you will receive a preformatted message.

Of course, you can always contact me via:

DJ Hunt
Telephone: (978)342-3333
Skype PC-PC Call: DJ.Hunt
E-mail: DJ@DJHunt.US

So you are not within walking distance of Computerese, or DJ you?  No problem. I connect to most systems worldwide using Remote Support Systems ( RSS ), or Terminal Services.  It's your choice, however, I do prefer to use my own Remote Support Systems ( RSS ) account when possible.  I can work on your GoldMine wherever it is, anywhere in the world ( if I can read your language that is ), right from my locations here in Massachusetts assuming you have better than dial-up Internet access.

If this service is of interest to you, then I would ask two things of you.  First I would like you to go to the Registration page, and complete the one time registration form if you have not previously done so.  You only need to register with Computerese once that is, unless your Contact information changes.  I ask this so that I will be able to identify you when you approach Computerese using any of the IM services, as well as for taxation purposes.  You wouldn't believe some of the handles that users employ in IM, so please tell me who you are as I may not recognize the handle that you are currently using.

The second item, alas, is that I can no longer provide these services to the GoldMine community for free.  I am asking that you purchase a retainer through the PayPal icon below if you have already registered.  When you are online, and actively engaged with me, I will have the GoldMine clock running, and your credited time will be reduced at the end of our session by the number of minutes that you have utilized ( no Minimum ).  If I service your needs via any vehicle, your contract time is reduced by the amount of time I utilized in service on your behalf.  I employee the GoldMine Automated Processes to let you know if you are running low on time, or your time has gone into the negative, so that you may acquire additional GoldMine Support Contract time.  Additionally, at the end of each month, you will receive, via e-mail, a Monthly Statement as to your GoldMine Support Contract time standing if your record has had activity within the last 60 days.  Under no circumstances will your positive retainer balance expire.*  The 60 day time frame is only for the sending out of statements.

I am waiting to discuss your GoldMine issues with you over:

MSN Messenger: - - - - - - - - - -
ICQ Instant Messenger:- - - - - 10023597
Yahoo Instant Messenger:- - - djhunt_goldmine
AOL Instant Messenger: - - - - DJHuntGoldMine
Skype:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DJ.Hunt
Telephone:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - (978)342-3333

Already registered?  Purchase retainer by clicking here:    

1 Hour - $100.00
( non refundable )
5.5 Hours - $500.00
( non refundable )
11 Hours - $1,000.00
( non refundable )

* All funds applied for Support are non refundable, and remain on your account forever until fully utilized.