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IntelliClick® - The First E-Mail Marketing And Web Navigation Tracking Tool Designed For Goldmine Users.

In this age of instant Internet access to product and service information, our customers are armed with substantial competitive data, even before a sales rep learns their name! How can your company stay on top of the sales and marketing process and be competitive in this era?

One way is to track customer digital body language. In other words, find ways to capture prospect and customer interests & behaviors before the sales team contacts them. This way, the sales team can immediately key in to what the customer is looking for an unlock the potential before someone else does. The marketing team can hone-in on that important digital body language to prepare targeted e-mail campaigns, or other forms of promotional initiatives.

For those looking for a smart, streamlined way to accomplish this task, IntelliClick software does the job. Web services technology and a user friendly wizard interface combine to track e-mail marketing & web site navigation. The IntelliClick solution engages the sales group from the outset, and provides the marketing team with actionable data.

The IntelliClick eTrack module is used to create specially coded hyperlinks which trigger the tracking and capture data directly back to GoldMine. This includes dynamic e-mail messaging, landing pages, literature fulfillment, and designated recipient notifications ( i.e. alarmed phone calls, text messages and e-mails ).

The IntelliClick WebNav module allows customers to setup their web site to have subsequent page views track once they have been accessed from an IntelliClick e-mail hyperlink. Subsequent visits are tracked back to GoldMine even if customers access the web site directly from a web browser. The IntelliClick WebNav user sets how long this tracking remains in effect for any given campaign.

Alert notifications further engage the sales group by sending campaign and hyperlink specific messages. Alerts recipients can be static or dynamic. Dynamic recipient alerts are possible if custom fields are set in GoldMine to hold the sales rep contact information for each of their assigned accounts. These notifications are set by the user through the hyperlink wizard.

Notifications can be generated to one or multiple recipients and sent as:

  1. E-mail messages
  2. Scheduled alarmed phone calls
  3. Text messaging

From a customer’s perspective, there are just 2 steps to make this happen:

  1. Users prepare an HTML e-mail template in the Document Management Center in GoldMine. This can be prepared from any desired HTML editor (i.e. FrontPage) and then pasted into GoldMine. The IntelliClick wizard is accessed (usually as a shortcut on a taskbar in GoldMine) and the generated hyperlinks are inserted into these templates.

  2. The e-mail template is merged to the desired filter or group and sent to the target audience. Messages can be sent using any SMTP mail server preferred by the IntelliClick customer. IntelliClick does not send the mail.

Note: a special mail merge engine is planned for a future release that will provide additional process capabilities such as flow control to allow smaller increments of messages to be sent at user specified time intervals.

Once messages are received by the target audience, IntelliClick takes over and begins the tracking process:

Message open, hyperlink clicks, unsubscribe and subsequent web page visits are logged to GoldMine. An entry to the CLICKTRAK tab (extended detail) and HISTORY are captured. Users have the option to suppress History for any type of tracking if their preference is to limit data to the Details (CLICKTRAK) area only.

Unsubscribe clicks can flag updates to GoldMine 4 specific ways:

  1. Entry to the CLICKTRAK tab
  2. Entry to HISTORY
  3. Add the word Unsubscribe to the Notes area of the actual e-mail address
  4. Flag a database field with a designated value (set by the user in the wizard)

The IntelliClick Wizard can also be used to track more advanced “one click” hyperlinks, such as Event Registration or Literature Request / Fulfillment:

  • The Event Registration hyperlink automatically schedules the registrant to the GoldMine calendar (to a user called EVENTS); The registrant is directed to a customized landing page that confirms their registration; A confirmation e-mail message, defined by the user through the wizard, is generated and sent to the registrant; The Details (CLICKTRAK) tab is updated with this event click captured.

  • The Literature Fulfillment hyperlink will automatically process an e-mail message with a file attachment, all defined by the user through the wizard; this message is unique to each hyperlink and dynamically creates both the content and file attachment using files located on the client’s own network. The sent e-mail is noted in History and Details (CLICKTRAK).

The IntelliClick WebNav option provides an additional capability to track web site navigation behavior once a recipient clicks on an IntelliClick e-mail hyperlink. Customers can assign their web pages to be tracked from e-mail campaigns. Each page view is logged to the Details (CLICKTRAK) and History in GoldMine, identifying who, when and which page(s) are viewed. This compliments the initial intelligence being gathered by the e-mail hyperlink tracking by providing a more complete picture of the e-mail recipient interests & behaviors.

IntelliClick includes preset Crystal reporting that can be accessed directly within GoldMine. Detail and Summary level reporting, with graphical views for each campaign, can be accessed for any given user defined timeframe. In addition, users of MasterMine® for GoldMine can use a special toolkit which provides further analytics specific to the IntelliClick data captured in GoldMine.

IntelliClick® is offered as a Hosted or Premise Installed version. Capabilities are identical for both with the only difference being where the initial tracking is handled. The Hosted option has hyperlinks tracked through the IntelliClick web server and then this information is passed via web services to the client’s GoldMine system. Two software components are installed; the web service client on the GoldMine server and the hyperlink wizard accessed by the users from a shared network directory. The premise installed option works the same way except everything is processed on the client’s own web server and includes an SQL database for the initial tracking.

This version has unlimited clicks or web page views tracked while the hosted version has a click track pool that is used when recipients click on the e-mail hyperlinks or tracked web pages.

IntelliClick® is compatible with GoldMine Corporate and Premium Edition. To get more information or register for a demonstration please Click Here

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